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A home can never be complete without a suitable fence. It is also not complete if the fence is old, worn out and no longer attractive. There are many options for fencing in Nottingham, and we are always here to offer you a helping hand with the installation.  Green Fencing Nottingham will make sure your fence is well installed, so you don’t have to deal with loose poles. We will also show you how to maintain the fence and how often you should repeat the practices so that it lasts for the longest period possible. Usually, a fence should last for a minimum of 20 years.

There are several options for fencing in Nottingham. These include close board fences, larch lap panel and picket fencing. Each of this has its advantages and disadvantages. As a professional fencing company in Nottingham, we are highly familiar with these fences and can help you decide on one of them. Most of our garden fencing is done using natural timber as this is renewable and more affordable to most of the residents.

Besides fencing, we also do wooden garden gate installations. If you want to change your garden gate in Nottingham, simply give us a call. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and skills to complete the installation of wooden garden gates properly. Gates are particularly delicate as they provide entry into your home. This means they need to be securely installed. We are trained in the installation of wooden gates, so you should be confident in our skills.

If you need your fence or garden gate installed in Nottingham, be sure to contact us for the best rates. We deliver the fences and gates to clients around the area.



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Green Fencing Nottingham offer several fencing services. These include professional fence installation, fence repair and wooden gate installation.

Our professionals will come up with a custom fence design and handle the entire installation process. You will have the chance to review some style options for the fence so that you can give us a hint of what you really want. With that information, our professionals will be able to come up with a suitable design for the fence. We will then use premium materials to complete the installation process.

In some cases, people only need repairs on their current fences. Usually, fences made of natural wood will get damaged faster than those made of synthetic materials. Insects, moisture and other elements in the environment accelerate the damage done to your fence, and this will force you to make repairs.

Fences that have become discoloured, warped and splintered are usually in need of repairs. Fixing the fence on your own will not solve the problem since many of the signs of damage will still be visible. You will also need to carry out frequent repairs since you don’t have access to the expertise and materials needed to fix the fence properly.

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We have the professionals and the necessary materials for repairing fences, and this is why you need to contact us for repairs.

People always debate on whether they should repair or renew their fences. Generally, you are better off replacing the fence if you have already repaired about 20 percent of its sections. Beyond some point of damage, it would take a lot more time and money to repair the fence. That being said, repairing your fence will usually cost less money in the short-term.

It is also worth noting that replacing fence posts is more difficult and expensive in comparison to pickets or panels. This is simply because posts are usually placed deep in the ground and are often held in place with cement. So, if you have many posts that need to be repaired, you will have an easier time going for a complete replacement.

In the same vein, you will need to consider the number of parts that need to be repaired. Besides the fence itself, you should consider the fasteners, posts, garden fence panels and caps. The total cost of these materials should not get close to the cost of a new fence as that would make it unreasonable to repair the fence. If the fence needs that much work, you may easily end up requiring the same amount of labour you would need when installing a new fence.

Your fencing contractors in Nottingham may even want to match the discoloured and damaged wood with other pieces, so it looks like a pattern rather than pieces that were randomly put together, and this can waste more time and money. Before deciding on whether you want to repair or replace your fence, it is necessary to get a quotation from a contractor. Often, people find that the extent of damage on the fence is more than they previously thought. You can end up hiring twice the amount of labour you would have used for a new fence.

In some cases, you will have to replace your fence entirely since it is old and the repair parts are not available anymore. Normally, fences are supposed to be in good condition for about 20 years, and they should last for up to 50 years with proper maintenance. Of course, the material used will play a role in the lifespan of the fence.

There are other reasons that can force you to replace the fence. For example, if the fence can no longer provide sufficient privacy, you will have to get a higher one. Also, if you end up getting pets, you may want to install a fence that is high and non-porous so that the little animals don’t try to run away.

Besides fence replacement and repairs, we also install wooden gates. After installation, we stain and seal them so that they last for long periods. These procedures should be repeated once every year. An advantage of wooden fences is the fact that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the initial purchase. They also tend to grow more beautiful as they age.

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Different Fencing Styles Available

There are many different types and styles of fences that we can install on your property. Your choice will eventually be determined by the purpose of the fence, your budget and the level of maintenance you are willing to undertake. Some fences work well for people who need high levels of privacy, others are ideal for people with pets, and other will simply work for those who are working on a tight budget. At the same time, some fences will work well as wind-breakers.

Here are the different types of fences available:

close board fencing

Close Board Fences

Close board fencing is the best for privacy and security. Typically, they go up to 1.8 metres high. It is important to consider the local laws on the height of fences since some local authorities have restrictions in place regarding this matter. Close board fences will also offer shade to delicate plants.

These fences are generally robust and will last you a long time. Pet owners will also enjoy the fact that the animals will not stray away from the property.

The only setback to close board fencing is that they may require a lot of maintenance. You may have to refinish it every other year. Otherwise, since they are made of timber, they will be highly affordable upfront.

Larch Lap Panel Fencing

Larch lap panel fencing has horizontal slats that can sometimes go the entire width of the panel. In some cases, they are designed with vertical battens that are meant to keep these slats in position. This fencing is generally considered a more affordable alternative to close board fences.

However, these fences are not as strong and can easily get damaged by strong winds. Like close board fencing, this type helps to deter intruders and keeps pets safe. It also provides privacy since it is usually very high.

Although it offers most of the advantages of close board fences, it fails in quality. You shouldn’t expect it to last for a long time. It also requires a lot of maintenance.

larch lap panel fencing

Timber Palisade Fencing

Some people like classic and traditional fences. Timber palisade fencing would suit such people perfectly. The fences are not just decorative; they are also highly practical. Usually, these fences do not look harsh or unfriendly, but they still work perfectly to deter possible intruders. You can also choose how high you want to fence to be. The spaces between the timber panels make these fences less susceptible to wind damage.

If you want minimal maintenance work, you can go for the vinyl fences. With wood fencing, you will have to make greater efforts to keep it in peak condition. Fencing made of wood will need to be treated with preservatives regularly. An advantage of wooden timber palisade fences is the fact that they are not affected by changes in temperature. Vinyl fences will get brittle with increased temperatures. Wood is also less prone to mould damage.

Timber palisade or picket fencing is made of high-quality wood or vinyl, so you can expect it to stand for a long time. The money spent will not be a waste since timber palisade fences end up boosting the value of the property. This is mainly because of the quality and the aesthetic appeal of the fences.

Picket fencing is ideal for front gardens and ponds. This is because they provide protection and at the same time let sufficient light in. Unfortunately, these fences will not provide the privacy you need. Some dogs can also not be contained with these fences.


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If you live in Nottingham and are searching for ‘fencing companies near me’, look no further. We are the fencing experts in the repair and installation of fences and also handle the installation of wooden gates. Fence repair in Nottingham is very important. A poorly maintained fence will affect the overall outlook of your home and can even influence the marketability of the property.

On the other hand, a well-maintained fence can easily drive up the price of your house. Beyond some point of damage, a fence would be cheaper to simply replace. For example, if many fence posts have to be repaired, you will end up spending a lot of money since they are placed deep in the ground and are held in place with cement. In such cases, replacing the entire fence would be a wise choice.

As one of the best fencing companies Nottingham, we will deliver the fence or gate materials and install them securely. We will also handle the designing of the fence, of course with input from you. Once we get a suitable design, we will start the installation process. You will also have to familiarise yourself with the local laws on the acceptable height of fences so that you don’t end up breaking the law.

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